Judgment Recovery

Each year thousands of Small Claims Court Judgments and Tribunal Orders are being awarded in our civil courts. A staggering percentage of these judgments and orders aren’t recovered by the successful party. Why? Some reasons are:

The judgment entitles the successful party to:

Unfortunately, unless you know how to find the debtor's assets and use the court system to recover your judgment you just have a piece of paper saying someone owes you money. Some creditors abandon their attempts to collect due to their frustrations because the system is overwhelming. So the best solution to recover money owed to you is to entrust the process to a professional and assist you through the maze and confusion. Give us a call today for a free half hour consultation. We’ll help you… we know the process!

ACPS also works on a contingency plan. We will attempt to recover your monies and only invoice for our services if successful in recovery. See rates for details

Annette Chiappe Paralegal Services provides services to all of Ontario and may, if required, work with another qualified Licensed Paralegal specializing in Judgment Recovery matters to keep your costs reasonable and fair when long distance arises.

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